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Image Engine uses the following technologies to assist in the processing and evaluation of data and has personnel trained in the use of each.

  • Data Manifest: Image Engine uses a robust process to unwrap files and create an inventory of all items, and remove ROT,duplicates, system files and other data not necessary to process. Our approach means we have a complete understanding of the data you have given to us, and maintain strict chain of custody during the engagement.

  • Classification and Attribute Extraction: Image Engine uses multiple tools to classify documents to their business purpose, leading to more intelligent selection of target data for deeper review. These technologies include multiple forms of clustering, intelligent document recognition, and relational database processing. Target facets are coded by machine where possible and human quality control methods are used to perform accuracy assessment and fill gaps where needed. SQL-based business and engineering rules are often used to transform data. We use best available technologies from companies like Hot Neuron, FileFacets and ABBYY, who excel in certain aspects of data processing.
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