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Content Hosting-DocuWare

Image Engine is a certified reseller and implementer of DocuWare. Our team of highly trained individuals works with you to understand your needs when it comes to managing and sharing your documents. With over 100 years of combined experience in the document scanning and management industry, our experience with an array of vertical markets gives us the ability to better understand your business, record types, and what you are trying to manage.

Hosting, accessing, retrieving, and managing your information can be costly and time consuming if not properly implemented. Making sure the right people have the right access to certain documentation is important. Additionally, setting up automated processes, workflows, retention, and having a track schedule for document destruction can be vital to mitigating risks while enhancing productivity.

We offer custom solutions to our customers whether they are trying to host their documents themselves or use our file hosting services, manage documents from creation to destruction or final disposition, publish reports, share information, and have usability across multiple access points such as computers, tablets or iPads, and even smart phones.

By working with Image Engine, we’ll discuss your goals and needs to help you determine the best document management solution for your organization. We’ll make sure that you make a comfortable choice that keeps your business documentation secure, easy to access and utilize as well as help you comply with information governance as it applies to your industry and the Generally Accepted Recordkeeping Principles®.

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