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About Us

With a felt need in the marketplace for information management solutions, the Willis Group formed Image Engine in October 2010. Image Engine is the solution based-response to the explosive growth in demand for legacy records vetting and cleanup as risk mitigation and data mining purposes.

With a 60,000 square foot facility located in Houston, Image Engine services yield results across all industries, providing effective solutions to accomplish records and information management goals. Our core success started with the Energy/Oil & Gas industry, where we continue to prosper and flourish as a leader in processing records for audits, investigations, and M&A.

One of our key capabilities is to scale up (or down) depending on each unique requirement (media, volume, time line, location, etc.) of our customers and our level of expertise in addressing complex, large volume projects on time and within budget.

In close coordination with our customers, we develop and implement processes that optimize costs and internal delivery commitments while ensuring a turnaround time that meets or exceeds the committed Service Level Agreement. Image Engine services include:

  • Visual Indicators of Box Content
  • High Speed, Multi-Format Scanning
  • ROT Processing
  • Self-Service Classification and Attribution
  • Technology-Enabled Classification and Attribution Services
  • ECM Migration
  • Disposition Services

Contact Image Engine to find out how we can help you with your needs.

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